Our Process

Our Approach

Our process is simple, and we are conscious of the competing priorities on your plate. Up front we agree on your goals and how “deep” we need to go, then set up a manageable number of meetings to get it done.

The “clear, simple outputs” are typically just 1 or 2 pages — perhaps a crisp list of priorities, a set of criteria for decision-making, or a list of behaviors your team has agreed upon to strengthen trust and accountability.  When we’re done, you’ll want every team member to print it out and hang it above their desk.

Understand context and define goals

Facilitate conversations around critical challenges and tradeoffs

Co-create clear, simple outputs to unify and focus your team

Types of Deliverables

Below are examples of the types of deliverables that could result from our facilitated conversations.
Many  teams tell us “we’ve never had this conversation before” and agree that the process is just as valuable as the output.