Strategic Clarity

Your organization keeps saying “yes” let’s take that on — but your staff is stretched and you already have too many competing priorities.

It has been a while since you stepped back and considered the unique capabilities of your organization. Across your team, you have different interpretations of what “good impact” looks like.

We can partner with you to…

Clarify your target client or geography

Many nonprofits look to their mission statement to inform or even justify the clients they serve, though mission statements are usually too general to help with decision-making. We will facilitate constructive debate and work toward alignment among your team around which group(s) you primarily serve and the outcomes you will help them achieve.

Put a stake in the ground around outcomes

It is incredible what teams can accomplish with a clear, shared definition of success. We’ll push you to differentiate between your big, aspirational social goals vs. the more tangible and measurable impact you are willing to “sign up for” as an organization.

Agree on your org's top priorities and who will lead them

,We’ll help you and your team name and narrow down your biggest priorities for the year.  It sounds simple but often it is not written down. We will push for clarity on who will drive them forward and offer a framework to decide which topics require engagement from the full leadership team.

“We’ve never had this conversation before. We’ve danced around it for fifteen years.”   

— A nonprofit CEO after a facilitated conversation in which his executive team decided to explicitly prioritize investment in Black and brown businesses